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An Open Letter to 2020

December 17, 2020

This was originally a work assignment, sort of a replacement of our office Christmas activity. Swearing was explicitly allowed and my little bit was FAR from the most sweary version. This is slightly touched up after having more than 20 minutes to think about and write it.

Dear 2020:

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Well done. I rarely need help looking like an idiot, but there you were to jump in and help anyway.

This WHOLE THING started with me assuring Francie (Ed. Note: Francie is a coworker who had a history of panicking about things like bird flu) – as usual – that whatever scary thing was happening in a far off land would just be fine. I guess you taught me.

My first impulse is to tell you to kiss my ass, but if that was all I had, it would miss so much. While they can be hard to see amid the early daily shopping trips, bulk meat purchases and occasionally continuing anxiety attacks, there have been some shining examples of the strength of the human spirit and experiences I wouldn’t trade.

The Salute to Summer Games was one of the greatest things I’ve ever been professionally involved in. From the way our partners, athletes and coaches expressed how much Special Olympics meant to them, to the level to which they worked to support the program, to was a source of great inspiration. Sharing our athletes’ art and words was powerful. Seeing them get back to competition when they could was even more powerful.

Personally, I managed to see one of my sons get married (which was no small undertaking). I got to spend more time than I ever expected with my other son. I was reminded, yet again, that my wife was the person I would most want to be isolated with and is probably the only one who could have tolerated this time with me. I learned to appreciate how even simple things can be great. And when that didn’t work, I was lucky to have the boat to go to.

I know how fortunate I am not have been touched by the true hardship I know so many others have suffered. I have had so many good things to see when I looked beyond the bad. And for the bad, you had the decency to keep the liquor stores open and teach me that I didn’t hate vodka nearly as much as I thought I did. So, thanks for that.

Now get lost…but leave the vodka.


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  1. No, that’s MY vodka.

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