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It’s the Vaught That Counts

December 31, 2015
Me and Larry Vaught

Larry and I at a tailgate before the changes at Commonwelath…and before I started running again.

First, that headline only exists because I think Community Trust Bank Sunday Morning Sports Talk producer/co-host Curtis Burch will appreciate its punniness.

I’ve been travelling and trying to get my bearings now that I’m home from Holiday travel, but I didn’t want the day to go by without throwing in my two cents on the retirement-ish transition of Sunday Morning Sports Talk co-host — and friend — Larry Vaught.

Seven-plus years ago, I walked into a radio studio at WLAP to host my first radio program since college and really my first talk radio program in…well, ever. I would be teamed with Kyle Macy and Larry Vaught. I was a nobody whom no one had ever heard of. On the other hand, Macy was a UK legend and one of my childhood idols and Vaught was one of the most respected members of the UK media corps.

While I’m not sure what either thought of me being there, I was legitimately concerned that I would accidentally do something stupid enough to ruin both of their reputations. I was equally concerned that they would both hate me. If they do, they’ve both hidden it well.

While Macy moved on from the show a while ago, Vaught still gets dialed in with us every Sunday. His sources are incredible and the rapport he develops with athletes and their families continues to amaze me. When you hear a recruit or a former athlete on our show, it’s a safe bet that Larry set that appearance up. His consistent scheduling of UK football and basketball commits, or possible commits, or their coaches or in some cases their parents is one of the reasons our show has become so popular.

It’s been an absolute honor to work with him on the show all these years. It’s a bigger honor to call him a friend. Larry got me hooked back into running again, and it’s been great to go down to Danville and Stanford to join him for races. He was far kinder to me than he needed to be as I found my way as a radio host and he’s continued to be far kinder to me than he’s needed to be ever since.

I hate that Larry’s time at the Advocate-Messenger has come to an end. Larry is a fixture in Danville and the surrounding communities. If you ever doubt that, head to any event of substance down there with him. Everybody knows him and everybody wants to say hello. He’s been a trusted part of people’s lives there for more than four decades. And I don’t think that will end.

Sunday Morning Sports Talk crew

The current Sunday Morning Sports Talk crew: Larry, Anthony White, me and Curtis Burch.

In our years on Sunday Morning Sports Talk, Larry has been the worst vacationer I have ever known. He has called in from literally everywhere he has ever gone, from Pigeon Forge to Italy. He has continued to file columns, blog posts and everything else on every vacation he’s ever taken. I fully expect him to be equally lousy at “retirement.” He’s already started a syndicated column and has expanded some of his radio reach beyond our show, and once things get worked out with, his work will continue there.

I saw somebody ask on-line today if Larry will still be on with us on Sundays. I sort of expect Larry will still be on Sunday Morning Sports Talk long after I’m gone. As long as I’m on the show, I hope he remains as well.

Thank you, Larry, for sticking with a radio show with a nobody as a host, for being a huge part of making a success of a lifelong dream of mine and for your friendship. I wish you all the best in your “retirement,” no matter what form it takes or no matter how bad you are at actually being retired. Talk to you on Sunday.


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  1. Nice. Oddly anti-inflammatory for you, but nice nonetheless.

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