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My Apologies

April 5, 2014
Aaron Harrison with Regional Trophy

Aaron Harrison still knew what was possible for this team, even if I didn’t believe him.AP Photo/David J. Phillip

They say it takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong, and while I’m not quite as big as I used to be, I am still well within the apology weight range. As the University of Kentucky gets ready to tip-off against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Wildcats’ third Final Four in four years, I can’t help but look back at everything I’ve written and said about this team over the course of this past season. And I owe SOMEBODY an apology.

Like so many others, I had my fair share of questions about this team. At times I questioned their heart. I questioned their effort. I questioned whether or not an annual rollover roster filled with freshmen was capable of winning at the level that is expected at Kentucky (and to be fair at all elite level programs, no matter what Michael Wilbon says. You think Duke fans are happy about how their season ended?). The thing is, I don’t really have to apologize for any of that. At times, with the way this crop of Cats played all of those questions were fair enough.

However, I do need to apologize to Aaron Harrison. After the Wildcats lost to a bad South Carolina Team in Columbia a little over a month ago, Aaron famously said the following:

“Because we know what we can do. We know, we talk about it. Even after the game, we just, we know what we can do and we know we’re going to make a run to have a big, great story for everyone to talk about.”

You can watch it here (courtesy of Kentucky Wildcats TV):

The next morning on Community Trust Bank Sunday Morning Sports Talk (9 am-Noon on NewsRadio 630 WLAP), well … let’s just say I was incredulous. And I’m reasonably certain that I used stronger words than that on the show. I was wrong (Mercifully, I’m wrong a fair amount. I get used to it.).

Whatever happens tonight (and hopefully on Monday), the Wildcats passed the “great story” threshold a long time ago. Maybe their run in the SEC Tournament wasn’t enough, but certainly them knocking out top seed and previously undefeated Wichita State at least made it a great short story. For this Cats squad to go on from there to knock off Louisville and Michigan to reach this year’s Final Four may be the War and Peace of great sports stories, made all the more amazing because it was Aaron — so full of confidence and hope that ugly afternoon in March — who hit the ridiculous three-pointer to give Kentucky the win over the Wolverines (speaking of — hey, CBS/TNT/TBS/TruTV, how about you replace one of the eleventy billion annual replays of the Laettner shot with that one in future Tournament promos, huh?).

Arron Harrison Shot.

I could watch this shot about a million more times. Maybe CBS can help us out with that.Sports Illustrated Photo)

I’ve long said that regardless of how good you think your team is, the Elite Eight is as far as you can reasonably EXPECT a team to go int he NCAA Tournament. At that point you’re almost always playing a really good basketball team and the game should be considered just about a push. A Final Four trip — ANY Final Four trip — is gravy time. That’s especially the case for this Kentucky team.

The old “we overcame so much” is one of the most worn out story lines in all of sports. It is used equally when the No. 1 team in the country makes the Final Four and when an unheralded mid-major makes the trip. So I won’t use it here. Instead of overcoming obstacles, hardship or whatever you want to call it, this team grew. Game by game, week by week, these young Cats learned a little bit more of what they needed to know to be great. Aaron Harrison saw it a month ago — even if he was the only one — and he wasn’t afraid to say so. I’m sorry I laughed when he did.


Bracket Madness Update

Congratulations to jpayne5150, Kelly192510 and GREG0667, the most likely winners of the ESPN Bracket Challenge group I set up to track the progress of the brackets in my bracket selection post. Jpayne will win if Florida wins the title over Connecticut in the championship game. Kelly192510 will win if Kentucky beats Florida in the Final. GREG0667 will win if Florida wins the title pretty much regardless of who they play. All of that is unless I have done the math wrong, which is a very strong possibility.

Among the brackets I put together, not surprisingly just picking the favorite is in the lead (it won going away last year). SHOCKINGLY, however, my actual picks are second among the group (it fared…poorly…last year). Sadly both brackets have Florida winning the title (which TO BE CLEAR I do NOT want to happen). Pretty much all other options have been complete failures, although there is still hope for my homer pick bracket, because…well…GO CATS!!!!!

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  1. Well put, Mark. And whether the ‘Cats win or lose tonight, at least he’s been proven more accurate than Alex Legion’s Mom.

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