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Reflections on a Frustrating Sunday

December 1, 2013
Mark Stoops

As you may have noticed, we redheads have a tendency to get a little worked up.UK Athletics Photo

Maybe there’s something in the air, I don’t know (in related news, maybe it’s the same something that has made me cough nonstop for the last eight days). But today, more than any other day, it seems like people have lost their collective minds. I have been hosting Community Trust Bank Sunday Morning Sports Talk for a little over five years now, I don’t remember ever having been as frustrated as I was leaving the studio today.

The frustration started almost as soon as I got in, well before the show started. I went to grab the Herald-Leader sports page (I think their sports team does a great job, for the record) and accidentally caught a glimpse of this morning’s Joel Pett cartoon. The cartoon depicts two homeless men with a copy of the “Herald-Cheerleader” announcing the upcoming $110 million Commonwealth Stadium renovation with pictures of UK President Eli Capilouto and Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart. One of the men says to the other “And people think WE’RE out of our minds.” Pett’s tie of the renovation money to homelessness is at best misinformed and is at worst – and likely – intentionally misleading.

The money being used to renovate Commonwealth Stadium is bonded by the University of Kentucky Athletics Association and will be repaid by the Association out of revenue and donations. No tax money is involved. No services are being threatened. Kentucky athletics is borrowing money to improve its facilities and improve its product. Since UK Athletics is in the business of fielding athletic teams, that makes them only about the billionth business on earth to borrow money to make improvements – nothing more, nothing less. Although in this case, UK athletics will also be paying for $65 million dollars of the construction cost of a new science building as well.

While I wasn’t surprised by the Pett cartoon – he’s made a cottage industry out of making a fool of himself – I was surprised that the angst over the stadium renovations extended to apparently a fair number of the fan base, based on calls and e-mails to today’s show.

The biggest concern seemed to be that the renovations don’t do enough for the fan, while the price of admission is likely to go up. Here, there are two important things to remember:

1)      The greatest possible benefit to the fan is to improve the product on the field. THAT should always be the overriding goal of any money the athletics department spends. The average UK fan has NO IDEA how the new softball stadium and the new soccer stadium have improved the fan experience. My guess it that the fan impact of those projects is not significant. What is significant is that they are expected to benefit the teams’ preparation and performance and make the teams more attractive to potential players. The same can be said for the Commonwealth Stadium upgrades. Frankly, I’m not sure what more fans want out of the upgrade beyond the better bathrooms, wider concourses and increased concessions. What were you expecting?

2)      The price will go up. And it has to. In the college football world, Kentucky has been practically giving away tickets to games. In the college football world, Kentucky fans have largely gotten what they paid for.
As of 2012 (the most recent numbers I could find between coughs) Kentucky spent the second least on football in the best football conference in America. That ain’t going to cut it. Certainly the numbers have risen since the Mark Stoops hire, but as of 2012, Kentucky spent $25 million less on football than Auburn. TWENTY-FIVE! It was $18 million less than Alabama. So, Big Blue Nation, here are your options. You can either demand that Kentucky play competitive football or you can demand that they continue to play football on the cheap. You can’t demand both.  For years, Kentucky football faithful carried on about the need for a recruiting room. That recruiting room is included in the upcoming renovations. That recruiting room costs money. The renovations will include an improved locker room for the team. Have you seen the locker rooms at some of the power teams in college football? No? Well here’s Alabama’s locker room.

Oh and here’s Oregon’s locker room.

Should kids be swayed to come to your school because of a snazzy locker room? Maybe not, but you know who plays college football? Teenagers, mostly. You know what impresses teenagers? Cool stuff. Cool stuff costs money.

Cats fans have demanded that UK try to play with the big boys on the gridiron. They appear to be poised to make that effort. And STILL UK fans complain about that effort.

Despite my surprise at the negative reaction to the stadium upgrades it wasn’t close to the most shocking part of the show. That came when a caller said that we should start looking now for a new coach. Seriously. That happened.

Mark Stoops has been on the job for slightly less than a year. He inherited a program that was at one of the lowest points in a school history filled with low points. He inherited a roster without a clear quarterback and that was – as the lament went last year – devoid of playmakers on offense. In less than two months on the job he produced one of the highest ranked football recruiting classes in school history. Before this season started, he had garnered commitments from players in a recruiting class that would eclipse that first one. He had successfully recruited one of the two best players in the state in Drew Barker and was still very much in the hunt for Defensive Lineman Matt Elam who is the other one, as evidenced by this tweet on Sunday:

Players who would have never have considered Kentucky before were getting in line to play in Lexington based on a promise of better days (and not coincidentally better facilities) to come.

Beyond the recruiting, despite a 2-10 record identical to last year’s, the product on the field was demonstrably better. A defense that had looked confused in 2012 and was relentlessly shredded looked more organized, tougher and kept teams in games. Offensively, the numbers weren’t what UK fans had hoped for with the return of the “Air Raid” offense – an offense that Kentucky couldn’t truly run this season. But on offense Kentucky did show that it had players from that first Stoops recruiting class that had the kind of explosive potential that left Lexington with Randall Cobb and Derrick Locke.

This program didn’t get broken in a year and it wasn’t going to be fixed in a year. If you’re already bailing on this coaching staff, feel free to stay bailed.

In addition to having the opportunity to host Sunday Morning Sports Talk, I have been a season ticket holder for the past three seasons. I have greatly enjoyed having the opportunity to share time with my family at games. Am I concerned that the process of strengthening Kentucky football will price me out of that time? Absolutely, I am. If in the coming year or two years, I have to make a decision that we can no longer do that, I will miss the experience, losses and everything. However, as a UK fan, I am much more concerned about Kentucky fielding a football team the entire Commonwealth can be proud of than I am about whether I watch that team from the stadium or from my couch.


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  1. Chris D permalink

    Best part of this blog post was the sponsored Taylor Swift Ad at the bottom….how much that annoy you Mark?! Guessing the cough syrup cherry on your Sundae of Frustration!

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