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So, This Is Apparently Going to Happen

August 24, 2013
Me and Larry Vaught

This was me with Larry during this past UK football season.

On a sweltering July 4 morning in 1986, an already out of shape and well past his prime 17-year-old former cross country runner struggled through four miles in his Northern Kentucky town’s little Independence Day race. He wobbled home about four minutes slower than he had finished the same race over the same route two years before. So ended his – my – running career. Well, at least until tonight.

After a couple of false starts, Community Trust Bank Sunday Morning Sports Talk co-host Larry Vaught has finally roped me into a 5k, and I managed to be in reasonable shape and haven’t hurt myself long enough to actually run it. So I’ll be in Danville tonight taking part in the Pigskin Classic Twilight 5k. I’ll be running in a challenge with Larry, Ryan Lemond of Kentucky Sports Radio, Amanda Lemond and Jen Maggard (the wife of former UK quarterback Freddie Maggard. At one point it was supposed to be me and Jen versus Larry and Amanda, but when Ryan agreed to get involved, I think it became all of us against him. And that will be the extent of my “racing” tonight. Unlike the cross country days, I am nowhere near fast enough to win anything (although after turning 45 last month, I will be one of the youngest people in my age bracket, so there’s always a chance for that, I guess).

While tonight will be my first race in a long, long time, it won’t be my first run. It actually falls 10 months almost to the day after I hit the road again for the first time in a couple of years (a previous effort ended in a fall, ER visit and hip injury). I started running not because I love the idea of exercise (I decidedly do not) or on some sort of journey of self discovery (although as journeys of self-discoveries go, this one is touching, funny and involves Godzilla. I highly recommend it.)

I started running again in October because one day I thought I was going to die. Sitting at my desk I heard and felt three big pulses in my left temple and heard and felt a little snap. The only other person I knew of who had reported such a sensation passed away from an aneurysm, so we rolled off to the hospital. Clearly I didn’t die and the hospital trip resulted in STILL not knowing what had caused the sensation, but after years of being at least a little (maybe more than a little) overweight and having some high-ish blood pressure issues, it seemed like as good a time as any to start taking it seriously. The next Sunday following the show, I started a Couch to 5k program.

Me Today

Me, today, thinner and ready (as I’m going to be) to run.

To be clear, I HATED running, even when I was young, in shape and good at it. I didn’t imagine I’d like it any better now that I was older, heavier and slower. But since I despise all forms of exercise equally and running was the one I knew and that I thought I could at least see progress with, that’s what I went with. And a funny thing happened. As I started to lose weight and started to see some improvements in distance and speed, I started to enjoy running, really for the first time in my life. The 45 minutes or so three or four times a week where I was unable to read text messages, or e-mail, or twitter or even answer my phone became some of the best, most relaxing times of my week. So I was able to continue. In fact, in the stretches where I haven’t had time to or been able to run, I’ve missed it.

So tonight, nearly 25 pounds lighter than I was in October and without the dizzy spells that marked the blood pressure problems, I will take my first “competitive” strides in more than 26 years. Certainly I hope I beat Larry and Ryan, but more importantly I’ll be in better shape than I was in at 35 and probably at 30. I feel better on a daily basis than I have in years. I’ll be pretty close to as fast as I was that July 4 in 1986. And even if they beat me; I’ll tie up my shoes and run again on Monday and start looking for my next 5k.

If you happen to be in the Danville area tonight or if you feel like coming down, we’d love to see you. The race starts at 9 and will begin and end in the Danville Admirals’ football stadium, so you can be in the stands to see who wins the old-guy radio running challenge. Be forewarned: I’m more than a little nervous about this, so if you say hello before the race I may throw up on you. After the race you can say hello to a tired, sweaty and quite possibly humiliated version of me. In that sense it will be a lot like meeting me right after the show.

Wish me luck.

Fashion Note: I will be running tonight it a custom-designed Kentucky Catnados t-shirt provided by show listener The Rally Cat. It’s pretty spectacular. Thanks to him for sending it along.


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