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The Greatest Game I Never Saw

March 30, 2013
Christian Laettner

If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen, right?

So, Rick Pitino’s Louisville team will face off with Mike Krzyewski’s (and for the 1 billionth consecutive time I had to look up that spelling – by typing in “Duke Head Coach.” Seriously, I can’t even spell it well enough to Google the proper spelling) Duke team for a trip to the Final Four on Sunday. This “lucky coincidence” of the bracket has predictably brought a flood of memory stories and columns about the 1992 UK-Duke Regional Final – the game many refer to as the greatest college basketball game ever played. The great Gene Wojciechowski (also looked up, also without even trying to spell the last name – can’t ANYBODY be named Smith?) called it The Last Great Game in the title of his book on the epic struggle. So I thought it only appropriate that I share my memories of the game as well.

My date that night looked amazing. She had on a gold and black (GO NORSE!) dress and her 90s-era big, curly hairstyle that was all the rage was at its biggest and curliest. And her smile, as always, lit up the room.

That’s pretty much it. I never saw the game. In fact, to this day I haven’t seen more than a few minutes of the game – Sean Woods’ shot to put UK ahead, and of course the Laettner shot that CBS is so kind to show a billion times each February and March. Other than that, I got nothing.

It’s true. In a lifetime of watching sports for sports sake – whether I cared about the game or the teams at all – and of commitment to seeing all of sports’ biggest moments, there is one giant hole in my sports viewing life. I saw NONE of the greatest college basketball game ever played, even though it was my favorite team playing in a huge spot against a team I detest with a trip to the Final Four on the line.

I have a good excuse though…she was so pretty (<- you really need to click that link. I still laugh every time I see it).

I had been living in Texas. It was my first job out of college. I was working in the Athletics Marketing Department at what is now Texas State –San Marcos, then known as Southwest Texas State. In an odd twist, they helped me see my first ever game at Rupp. The Bobcats played Kentucky at Rupp in a classic December mismatch that year. I’ll never forget the column lead in the Herald-Leader that day (wish I could remember the writer) – “nickname Bobcats. Codename cupcakes.” After 20-plus years as a UK fan, I finally got to see a game on a visiting media credential. While “my” team took a drubbing from my team that night (we had to guard Jamal Mashburn with a freshman high jumper named Marcus Cooper we plucked from the track team. Carlos Toomer scored 12 in the 82-36 win, which could have been much, much worse.), it did lead to one of my all-time career highlights – I both met Cawood Ledford for the first time, and at halftime I looked down press row and realized that both me and Cawood were talking on the radio from Rupp at the same time. The big difference was people were listening to Cawood.

My Date, March 28, 1992.

Outkicking my coverage since 1991!

Shortly after that game, I flew back home for Christmas and against all odds (those of you who know me well and especially those who knew me then can attest the longshottedness) had a couple of dates with a girl I had known from college. We stayed in touch after I went back to Texas. She visited on spring break (and trust me, while nice, San Marcos is no spring break destination point) and I came back to see her for a week in March. Which is how I came to be at the Northern Kentucky University Delta Zeta sorority chapter’s Spring Formal while the greatest college basketball game ever played was happening. Were there TVs at the formal location? Sure. Had I just flown home the day before? Yes. Did I think it was in my bets interests to sit glued to a TV at her event? No. No I did not. So it came to pass that I…saw…nothing.

Obviously, after all these years and with the advent of such awe-inspiring technology, I could go back and watch the game in its entirety, but I have never been a fan of watching sports after the fact. A great deal of the joy of sports is the unknown. How do things turn out? Can we pull this off? What happens next? Knowing any of those things turns the unique excitement of watching sports into watching an ok-ish cable drama. It’s just not the same. I have to do it sometimes these days, but only because I have to sometimes in order to sound reasonably coherent on First State Financial Sunday Morning Sports Talk (9 am-Noon on NewsRadio 630 WLAP).

So it is that I have no personal recollection of a game that is so fondly remembered by some and still causes others so much pain. Maybe it’s better that I don’t remember. I’ve never been one to handle defeats well (I still hate the Oakland A’s because of the 1972 World Series).

Oh, and that pretty girl? She eventually agreed to marry me. I’ll take the tradeoff.

Bracket Busting

My annual Blog Bracket experiment has gone fairly predictably. The Kenpom Bracket – last year’s champion – not only has a comfortable lead, but it also has two of four Final Four teams (Louisville &  Florida) remaining, as well as Florida winning it all, which makes me want to throw up.

The loss of three No. 1 seeds and the failure to get more than one Elite Eight game matchup right has all but doomed the Higher Seed Bracket at this point, although it still sits in second place and has champion Louisville left.

The RPI Bracket is almost tapped out, but has the nausea-inducing Duke National Championship possibility still alive.

The Coin Toss Bracket even has a championship possibility left in Duke.

The Homer Bracket, Mascot Bracket (moral of the story – never trust natural disasters), even the Wall Street Journal Blindfold Bracket, and of course My Picks have all met their predictable ends.

At least my Homer Bracket was one of 0.95% in the ESPN Bracket Challenge that picked Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet 16. Long live Dunk City.

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