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David Beckham Latest to Battle on the Frontlines Against Flopping

July 6, 2012

LA Galaxy (they’re a Major League Soccer team if you’re wondering) mega-star David Beckham has become the latest – if not unusual — warrior in the battle against flopping, and according to the MLS Disciplinary Committee will pay the price for his actions.

In a June 30 match against the San Jose Earthquakes (again for the non-MLS initiated, the Galaxy and Earthquakes are rivals from the earliest days of the league); Becks took exception to the behavior of Earthquakes midfielder Sam Cronin. Late in a one-goal game (it was 4-3, not 1-0, soccer haters), Cronin goes to the ground chasing a ball in his own penalty area and stays there after minimal (maybe no) contact. The move is a classic soccer “simulation” meant to run time off the clock and preserve the win.

Sam Cronin

We all hope Sam Cronin recovers quickly from his horrific injury. Oh wait, he already did.

Beckham took exception to Cronin’s patheticness and drop-kicked the ball at him. First of all, go back and watch that video again. I can’t begin to tell you enough how great Beckham’s aim is on that ball. He threads it between two other San Jose players, arcs it just enough and drops it right on Cronin. It’s a thing of petulant beauty. (It’s also embarrassing that the ESPN guy doing the highlight says he doesn’t know what got it started. Know enough about what you’re talking about to understand the context.)

Now go back and watch the “injured” Cronin’s reaction. The poor little baby suddenly finds life, pops up to the seat of his pants, whines to the official and then hops up to chase after Beckham and demand that the Englishman be carded. Now, from an “everything that’s wrong about soccer” standpoint, somebody should have been allowed to punch Cronin right in the face without penalty at that moment. What he was doing goes against everything that sports is supposed to be. Maybe you win, maybe you lose (actually more likely tie here), but get up and win or tie on your feet like a man.

Instead, nobody punches Cronin (although Beckham seems MORE than willing to). What happens is the official DOES card Beckham (Instead of shaking his hand and thanking him for his protection of the integrity of the game and all sports everywhere). Now MLS has suspended Beckham for the Galaxy’s next game (the yellow card put him over his accumulated card limit, so that was automatic) and fined him. And despite simulating an injury or a foul being a cardable offense, Cronin walks away scot free (assuming the poor little guy didn’t have a relapse of his horrific non-injury).

San Jose Mascot

First rule of mascoting: NEVER wander into a fight. What did Q think he was going to do here?

Can Beckham behave like an obnoxious, entitled jackass? Absolutely. In fact it may be just about his only gear. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get one right every once in a while, and he got this one right. It’s hysterical that the “injured” Cronin leaps to his feet and gets upset. What was he, indignant that he’d been exposed as the loser flopping daisy he was being? That’s the only explanation for his anger.

David Beckham is the REAL victim here. Add him to the list of anti-flopping generals with Jeff Van Gundy. And if you happen to be at an MLS game, feel free to boo Sam Cronin mercilessly. Hell, boo him on your TV.


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  1. Phenomenal accuracy from Becks like you say. I’d seen the video of the kick itself (from a camera phone in the crowd) but hadn’t realised what it was actually about until reading this. Great article though, it was a petulant moment which demonstrates what is wrong in the game today. I especially like the link of Cronin’s name going to a daisy, haha!

    If you’re interested in English football (or soccer, I’m never quite sure which one to use with Americans) feel free to check out my new blog


    • The daisy was probably my favorite part.

      I loved how Becks invited the entire team to fight him. My guess is he could have handled at least most of them.

      • That’s why Beckham is still adored (by most, but definitely not all) on these shores. Whilst he has made the most of his fame and fortune (who wouldn’t), beneath it all lies a man who is still in love with the game and has a passion for it like not many modern players do. We don’t see a lot of MLS over here, there’s only ever something mentioned if Becks is involved, but the league has grown on me a lot. Good to see so many people adopt their local MLS sides as their team.

      • The league is MUCH better than it used to be, although still hard to watch after watching BPL matches.

      • Do you have an English team? And who’s your American team?

      • It’s strange, never really connected to an MLS team, but I watch a lot of it. I like the Portland supporters and really want to see a game there.

        I’ve tried to be a Fulh fan going back to the McBride days, but they’re just so mediocre and they’re never on here. So I’m kind of a free agent now and that free agency is pretty much tied to wherever Dempsey goes.

    • You know, Fulham are far from mediocre. They’re actually a really good team and have some of the most skilful players in the country, if not Europe. Watch some footage of Moussa Dembele (especially) and Bryan Ruiz online if you get the chance. Seriously, up there with the best. Last thing you want to do is follow Clint Dempsey, especially if he signs for Liverpool. I fully expect Fulham to finish above them in the table. I’ll eat my words if that doesn’t turn out to be true though…

      • I’ve always been a Clint fan though. What I’d really like is for him to go to Tottenham so I could pull for him and Friedel (my all-time favorite player) together.

        Honestly, if pressed, Tottenham is my favorite team to watch.

    • Liverpool are definitely the favourites to get Demspey. Freidel has been a class keeper over here for years. Kept Blackburn up for many a season. If Spurs sign Lloriss though he’s gonne become second choice I imagine…

    • It would. Freidel is too good (even at his age) to warm the bench. Anyway, it’s a lot later over here than it is there so bed is calling. I’ll be sure you to check out your blog again if there’s ever any more MLS articles!

  2. The Earthquakes are full of floppers. They have a forward by the name of Gordon who made me sick the one game I watched them this year. He managed to get half the Real Salt Lake team yellow carded and finally the captain of RSL blew up, started a fight, got thrown out with a red, and the beat down began. They’re a good team, but multiple guys flop comically like fish every chance they get with no or little contact. Makes me sad these officials are clueless enough to be duped into it. Know the players in your sport and who are typical floppers and don’t make yourself look stupid on TV by falling for it. That was an awesome kick by Beckham and he should have been issued a sportsmanship trophy for it.

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